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Financial planning powered by true data


Accurate costs based on your utilisation

Forecast accurate aircraft operational costs based on your flight route, aircraft make and model and region of operation


Create budget optimization scenarios

Understand how to optimize budgets based on years of analyzed data.


Forecast maintenance costs for a specific serial number

Upload aircraft maintenance status reports to receive future projections of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.


Transparent charter demand and margins for your specific aircraft

Access live data from the industry’s largest charter marketplace within selected regions.

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Region specific connectivity costs

Access to worldwide onboard internet pricing and consumption statistics

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We deliver insight and accuracy by using billions of data points


Use MySky Budget to…


… increase visibility on your future ownership costs


… optimize your operation and track your performances

Management companies

… manage owner relationship by giving full transparency

Charter departments

… Budget costs to predict margins

Brokers and OEM

… provide trusted and accurate 3rd party verified data to prospects

Features and plans


Budget Pro

Aircraft make and model specific

Regionally and Operationally sensitive fixed and variable cost modeling

Aircraft performance and fuel burns based on actual flight plans and winds

Charter P&L modeling, analysis and Demand Index powered by Avinode

Group the maintenance features together

Crew cost statistics

Maintenance projection sensitive to the current maintenance status of the aircraft

Advanced maintenance cost projections that include scheduled, unscheduled, and periodic maintenance programs costs by quarter and year

Predictive charter net margin analysis

Enhanced chronoligical visibility on costs - monthly, quarterly and annually

Advanced cost modeling

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