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Simplified & Accurate Tax reporting.


Calculate imputed income and disallowance amounts

Accurately report your SIFL & Disallowance amounts, including automated visual mixed-use groupings!


Accurately and easily create Timeshare invoices

Simplified TSA reporting for companies that have a Timeshare with their executives


SEC Reporting for public companies made easy

Aggregate Incremental Cost reporting straight out of Spend Management


Effortlessly calculate Federal Excise Tax

Easily and quickly be able to calculate FET due for trips


VAT & MOT Recovery at the push of a button

Fly internationally? We can help recover VAT & MOT with our partnership with VAT IT


Automate the hard calculations

Mixed use trips are notoriously difficult to deal with, let the software handle it, so you can save time, and potentially money


Use MySky Tax to…

Corp Flight departments

… improve accuracy of critical IRS, FAA, and SEC Reporting

Management company

… provide your corporate owners an out of the box solution for their needs


… make sure you are meeting the reporting requirements of the IRS and SEC

Charter departments

… calculate FET quickly and accurately

Features and plans

Easy flight data upload

1.61-21 SIFL Reporting

274 Disallowance reporting including percentages and costs

Full Federal Excise Tax Calculations including AK/HI

Timeshare reporting with FET and analysis as it impacts SIFL and SEC amounts

SEC Reporting – Aggregate Incremental Cost for Named Executive officers

VAT & MOT recovery with our partnership with VAT IT

Automated Mixed-Use calculations for SIFL and SEC calculations

Eventual option to add to Quotes

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